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Using a Donor: 10 things I’d Do Differently Next Time

*  All names have been changed to protect the individuals’ privacy. When I found out my sperm donor had conceived children in the triple-figure range, I was asked repeatedly by friends, family, acquaintances, “If you had to do it all again, would you do anything differently?” At first, I didn’t really know how to answer […]

Frustrated donor-conceived woman being told something she doesn't wan to hear by a man.

9 Things You Should Never Say to Donor-Conceived People, and Why

“Maybe instead of asking how our parents are feeling about us looking for our donors, I would probably prefer being asked, “How am I feeling about looking for my donor? Because, really, it’s not about my parents.” Chloe Allworthy is an Australian donor-conceived adult who has known about her genetic origins since she was 7 […]