An Open Letter to Anonymous Donors

Using anonymous donors in Australia is not allowed, but many people head overseas to countries where anonymous donors are the only option. Bre’s story (below) is a reminder that your children will grow up one day to be thinking, feeling adults who have the right to know the identity of their biological parents. That not […]

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Sperm Donor Family Limits (and Why They’re a Farce)

  *Names have been changed to protect the individuals’ privacy   Once Stephanie* had overcome the initial shock of becoming a new parent, she started investigating whether her donor-conceived child had any siblings ‘out there’. At which point, another round of shock kicked in. Stephanie discovered that her daughter has 37 half-siblings. The Importance of […]

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Using a Donor: 10 things I’d Do Differently Next Time

*  All names have been changed to protect the individuals’ privacy. When I found out my sperm donor had conceived children in the triple-figure range, I was asked repeatedly by friends, family, acquaintances, “If you had to do it all again, would you do anything differently?” At first, I didn’t really know how to answer […]

Gynecological chair used in assisted reproductive treatment

How to Choose a Fertility Clinic – 10 Things to Consider

  When Sally* and her wife, Georgia*, needed to choose a fertility clinic to undergo assisted reproductive treatment (ART) with a sperm donor, they didn’t do much research. “We pretty much went with a recommendation from a friend, and launched straight into IVF treatment”, explains Sally. “Unfortunately, after two failed attempts, we discovered Georgia had […]

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Part Three: Twelve Ways You Can Minimise the Risks (When Assessing Donor Profiles)

Welcome to the third article in this 3-part blog series: ‘Truth and Lies, and How to Minimise the Risks’ In case you missed them, here’s Part One and Two: Part One – Do Sperm and Egg Donors Lie? Part Two – Do Sperm and Egg Banks Cut Corners? Note: *indicates that name has been changed […]

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Part One – Do Sperm and Egg Donors Lie?

Welcome to the first article in this 3-part blog series: ‘Truth and Lies, and How to Minimise the Risks’ In this three part blog series, you’ll hear from sperm and egg donors, donor recipients and donor-conceived people about their experiences of lies, and the subsequent impacts on donor-conceived children… * Note: all names have been changed […]

Same sex couple with donor-conceived child

Should You Choose a Donor Who Looks Like You?

* Note: all names have been changed to protect the individuals’ privacy. Back in the ’70s when feminists were dissing pinafores and donning protest banners, and donor sperm was for ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ couples only, physicians selected the sperm donors (which, in many cases, included their benevolent selves) on behalf of their customers. And as […]

Frustrated donor-conceived woman being told something she doesn't wan to hear by a man.

9 Things You Should Never Say to Donor-Conceived People, and Why

“Maybe instead of asking how our parents are feeling about us looking for our donors, I would probably prefer being asked, “How am I feeling about looking for my donor? Because, really, it’s not about my parents.” Chloe Allworthy is an Australian donor-conceived adult who has known about her genetic origins since she was 7 […]