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Part Three: Twelve Ways You Can Minimise the Risks (When Assessing Donor Profiles)

Welcome to the third article in this 3-part blog series: ‘Truth and Lies, and How to Minimise the Risks’ In case you missed them, here’s Part One and Two: Part One – Do Sperm and Egg Donors Lie? Part Two – Do Sperm and Egg Banks Cut Corners? Note: *indicates that name has been changed […]

Same sex couple with donor-conceived child

Should You Choose a Donor Who Looks Like You?

* Note: all names have been changed to protect the individuals’ privacy. Back in the ’70s when feminists were dissing pinafores and donning protest banners, and donor sperm was for ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ couples only, physicians selected the sperm donors (which, in many cases, included their benevolent selves) on behalf of their customers. And as […]